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Location: Italy, Ramacca

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Category Citrus (except Orange) Groves
Possible phone number +39 055 212182
Possible address Via Cennini, 4, Firenze, Італія
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Rice is the seed of the monocot plants Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza ... University Press | location Cambridge | year 2001 | isbn 0-674-00452-3 . ...

Lu Lan

Record Against Selected Opponents : Anna Rice 1-0 CAN. Nicole Grether 1-0 CHN. Xie Xingfang 2-7 CHN. Jiang Yanjiao 2-3 CHN. Zhang Ning 1-1 ...

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Address: Via Cennini, 4, Firenze, Італія

Phone: +39 055 212182

“Muy limpio y cuidado, los desayunos geniales. Pero sobre todo la amabilidad del personal. A destacar que está muy cerca de la estación de trenes, apenas a un minuto, igual que de un McDonalds y un Burger King.”

Hotel Nerva

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“My husband and I made a reservation to stay at the Hotel Nerva for 6 nights, we received a confirmation of our reservation from the hotel and within 24 hours of making the reservation the full amount for our stay showed up as a pending charge on our credit card so we thought all was well with our reservation. Unfortunately this was not the case. So after a 10 hour flight from the US we went to the hotel where we were told that they had canceled our reservation because our credit card company would not confirm that our credit card was good. The young lady at the front desk was extremely rude saying that she had emailed us about this problem but when we told her that we had not received any emails she said that there must be problems with our ISP which I found a little bit hard to believe since did not have any problems with emails from anyone else. We also asked why, when she could not contact us by email, did she not telephone us to which she said that they did not have our telephone number. This was a blatant lie as the hotel's online reservation form requires that you enter a telephone number. She then called the manager to the front desk but he was also very rude and basically told us it was our fault but that he did have a room that he could put us in if we would like. Now this is where things get really hinky because the reservation we had made was for 6 nights for a total cost of Euro 1571.30 but when the girl at the front desk totaled up the charges for the new room they amounted to Euro 2964.00. We ended up taking the new room but only stayed for one night and checked into a different hotel the next morning. Then when we checked out the next morning they gave us a very hard time about refunding our money saying it was a very difficult process and tried to convince us to stay by telling us that the girl the day before had made a mistake and she should have only charged us Euro 1300. I don't know about anyone else but when someone makes a Euro 1600 mistake on my bill it doesn't inspire confidence in me. On top of all these problems the room setup was also very weird. We had to go out of the main part of the hotel go up the street past a couple of businesses then turn into an alley and about 100 feet up the alley is a door with a buzzer which is opened by the front desk person and into a hallway with 3 or 4 guest rooms off of it. I felt this was not very secure as there are no closed circuit cameras for the desk person to see who they are admitting, and the alley itself was quite dark at night. And the breakfast that was supposed to be included in the price of our room, well it was definetly nothing to write home about - my husband and I each got a croissant and a piece of cheese!”

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