2b Engineering Srl

Location: Italy, Monterotondo, Via Monti Berici 4

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Category New Single-Family Housing Construction (except Operative Builders)
Possible phone number +39 0383 641640
Possible address Via Nuova, 47, Pavia, Italy
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2 Effe Engineering Srl - 29.BI-MU

2 Effe Engineering Srl

JOINT Engineering S.r.l. Sltf'ERT

Certificate N. 1100/0277. The quality management system of. JOINT Engineering S.r.l.

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Recovery of the former slaughterhouse into University campus / Studio Insula

Insula Srl The ex slaughterhouse was built between 1880 and 1890 ... Section Considered one of the best examples of industrial archaeology in Rome of 19th century civil Engineering, in the seventies it was dismissed …

ATME-I 2004: Smaller But Worthwhile

Menegatto S.r.l., Italy, provided information about its model 2024 and ... for dyeing and centrifugal drying of garments at high temperature. Fong's National Engineering Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, exhibited dyeing machinery …

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List of gliders

Alisport : (Alisport Srl, Cremella, Italy) Alisport Silent Club Alisport Silent 2 Alisport Silent 2 Electro ... B : BAC : (British Aircraft Company) ...

List of aircraft manufacturers by ICAO name

AERO BOERO – Aero Boero SA (Argentina); Aero Boero Srl (Argentina); ... B : B & F TECHNIK – B & F Technik Vertriebs GmbH (Germany) ...

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