100 Auto Srl

Location: Italy, Finale Emilia, Via Guglielmo Oberdan 16

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Category All Other Support Services
Possible phone number +39 059 784547
Possible address Via IV Novembre, 43, Spilamberto Modena, Италия
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Site-Lite Srl-100 Rifle Scope Reticle Leveler

Site-Lite Srl-100 Rifle Scope Reticle Leveler Product #: ... Browning Tang Screw for Pistol Grip Stock Browning Auto-5 All... $7.99 Available. Add to Cart.


Phone numbers, maps, reviews, tips, opening hours, catalogs & deals: RUGOLO Auto Srl (CONCESSIONARIO Auto) VIA MONTELLO, 100 MONTEBELLUNA (VENETO …

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Alarme Auto,Senzori parcare,Accesorii Auto - auto100.ro

Auto100.ro magazin online cu specific Auto,urmareste promotiile saptamanii cu alarme Auto, senzori parcare, kituri xenon, avem preturi mici, preturi speciale, produse ...


native will make his SPEARS Srl Southwest Tour Series debut this Labor Day Weekend ... Since making his debut in the NASCAR Auto Club Late Model Series at Irwindale on May 29th Winter has competed in seven of the 12 races run thus far in the …

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Esse Auto Srl

Category: Прокат автомобилей

Address: Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 12, Acerra Napoli, Италия

Phone: +39 081 319 6091

“I was unlucky enough to rent a Motorhome from Esse Auto Srl in Acerra Napoli. After using the Motorhome 100 Km, the clutch broke down and I had to leave the camper in a FIAT garage. Obviously Esse Auto Srl rent me out a Motorhome with a broken clutch disk. After five days in the garage I got the camper back. Five days of 12 in total that I rent out the camper (cost for 12 days: 1800 €) Esse Auto Srl did not pay me any compensation for the 5 days I could not use the camper (150 € / day) Esse Auto Srl rejected my request for an other, working Motorhome Esse Auto Srl made me pay the bill for the clutch of the amount of 710 €. and claimed, I broke the clutch by driving it wrong (how do somebody can brake a clutch by using a vehicle only 100 Km in total?) Esse Auto Srl never payed me back the 710 € for the new clutch and the 750 € I payed for the 5 days the caranvan spend at FIAT. Be aware of renting out a caravan or any vehicle of Esse Auto!!!!! At the end the caravan cost me almost double of what we agreed on. Esse Auto Srl did not show any interest in taking any effort compensatinig my hughe loss of money.”

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