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Possible phone number +39 0364 341090
Possible address Via Quattro Piccoli Martiri, 4, Cividate Camuno Brescia, Italy
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XPT/R-2g studio transmitter link

CA Electronic Systems Srl

Digicom SpA - Tecnoimprese

25 Jun 2012 ...

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Cellular’s open source future is latched to tallest tree in the village

OpenBTS, an all-Software cellular transceiver ... The company is developing an OpenBTS “distro” called YateBTS that incorporates code from Null Team Srl’s YATE, an open-source SIP routing server used …

Legba and Null Team announce the launch of YateBTS 1.0

David Burgess, creator of OpenBTS, and Paul Chitescu, the main developer of Yate, started YateBTS as a fusion between Yate's industry-proven protocol processing and the all-Software cellular ... of Yate at Null Team Srl Legba, Inc. (leg.ba) provides ...

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