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Location: Italy, Castelfranco Emilia

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Category Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Possible phone number +39 039 289981
Possible address Via San Cristoforo, 147, Brugherio Monza e della Brianza, Italy
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ASC 2sp 60T--- PX - Acf Srl

Main technical features. Kind of functioning: Ventilated refrigeration. Humidity control: Active Kind of outfit: Adjustable guides. Insertion capacity trays: 60 ( 60x40) ...

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Linee Imbottigliamento Confezionamento Nastri ...

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Earthquake lights linked to rift zones

Steep geological faults most likely to host strange luminescence. The study, published in the January/February issue of Seismological Research Letters 4, pulls together several strands of research to propose a mechanism by which earthquake lights form.

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1998 International Sports Racing Series Paul Ricard

The 1998 Paul Ricard 2 Hours 30 Minutes was the first race of the 1998 International Sports Racing ... Official results: Centenari Racing Srl. ITA ...

1998 International Sports Racing Series season

2 Switzerland Horag-Lista Team | Ferrari 333 SP | Ferrari F310E ... Centenari Racing Srl | Centenari M1 Alfa Romeo 3.0L V6 10 2 | | | | 1 | 13 |! ...

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