3 A Di Ortu Anna

Location: Italy, Poggibonsi

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Category Metal Window and Door Manufacturing
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High-Dose Chemotherapy and Stem-Cell Rescue for Metastatic Germ-Cell Tumors

We gave 173 patients two consecutive courses of high-dose chemotherapy consisting of 700 mg of carboplatin per square meter of body-surface area and 750 mg of etoposide per square meter, each for 3 consecutive days, and each followed by an infusion of ...

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation vol 34.2 (2011)

ISSN: 1578-665 X A international journal that publishes original research papers, reviews and comments stressing the relevance of the study to Conservation Biology. The only restriction is that the journal do not publishes catalogues, lists of species ...

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Sardinian people

while the Pisans founded Castel Di Castro (Cagliari ) and Villa Di ... the mummy of a man who lived about 3,300 BC, found on the Alps in 1991 ...


MEM, Castello Di San Michele, Il Ghetto exposition centers┬░Museo Di ... Ortu Gian Giacomo, La Sardegna dei Giudici, Il Maestrale, Nuoro, 2005 ...

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