3g Sas Di Gao Zhengxiao E C

Location: Italy, Alessandria

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Archives of Pharmacal Research (2009) 32 - AuthorMapper

2-Phenyl-6-(4H-1,2,4-triazol-4-yl)benzo[d]oxazole (3g

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Semaphorin, neuropilin and VEGF expression in glial tumours: SEMA3G, a prognostic marker?

E-mail: joelle.roche@univ-poitiers.fr To date, little is known about the implication of semaphorins in gliomas. In 12 human glioma cell lines, Rieger et al (2003) showed that SEMA3A and SEMA3C were always expressed, whereas only some cell lines …

Sikh Shahadat (December 2005 - Year 6; Issue 12)

Sikh Shahadat is a Punjabi Monthly Magazine, Published by Sikh Shahadat Trust from Ludhiana Since March 2000. Articles and Writings on various Sikh Issues, Issues of Punjab, Sikh Religion, Sikh and Panjab Politics, Sikh History, History of ...

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